AmphiSoft Photo Sharpen

A plugin tool for Photoshop for sharpening images

AmphiSoft Photo Sharpen software program is an efficient plug-in tool for Photoshop that helps you to perform advanced photo sharpening without forming halos.

The program provides both object edge sharpen and general sharpen algorithms. AmphiSoft Photo Sharpen is able to work with 8 bit per channel and 16 bit per channel RGB, Grayscale and Lab images.

The program also supports many platforms like Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows 95, Windows Millenium, Windows NT, Windows Vista Business, Windows Vista Home Basic and many others.

AmphiSoft Photo Sharpen also fully supports programs like Macromedia Fireworks, JASC, Corel Draw and Ulead image editors, as well as numerous freeware like Irfan and XnView and any other illustration, graphic or photo editing, and retouching softwares.

This tool is highly flexible and convenient for photo editors, animators, artists and other people who want to perform advanced and high-quality photo sharpening on different images and other digital works.

AmphiSoft Photo Sharpen


AmphiSoft Photo Sharpen 1.21